Warm Salmon and Potato Salad With Arugula: A Recipe

On a blog I like very much, I found out about this article: Stop Glossing Over the Good Stuff (How To Be Positive and Happy) (You should read it. I’ll wait.) It’s impossible to overstate the extent to which that attitude (“glossing over the good stuff”) defines my daily life. I’m sure I’m not alone, […]

Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Champagne cocktails are the perfect cocktails. First, they’re easy. Some only require adding one thing to champagne. Second, they’re gorgeous. Champagne on its own is lovely; champagne with a fizzing sugar cube at the bottom of the flute is dead sexy. Impress your guests! Last, they are delicious, for similar reasons. Champagne tastes good. Adding […]

Making Banana Bread

My grandmother, Barbara Jean, loved ripe bananas. Not ripe bananas, but yucky, pockmarked bananas that were almost black, like these. Sometimes she sliced them over my Cheerios, to make sure I got enough potassium in my diet. As I get older, I remember the little things about my grandmother. Her neat, pretty hands, nails painted […]

Michelle Obama Told Me To Eat It

I really like government publications. As soon as I was old enough to write, I used to send self addressed stamped envelopes to the Federal Citizen Information Center to get cheaply-printed booklets on home canning and requesting your credit report. They were nearly free and often unintentionally hilarious, especially the food information. I half-heartedly collect […]