Mad Men Foodcap: Episode 11, “The Gypsy and the Hobo”

The Best Thing happened. I could watch this forever. DTMFA, Joan. Last Week: Last week, Betty found The Secret (Don’s) and read The Group (which I’ll blog about later). Don tried to make up for the past with his mistress’ brother and was feted for his general excellence. Peggy owned Kinsey and Kinsey accepted his […]

Mad Men Foodcap: Episode 10, “The Color Blue”

Don Draper, life as you know it is about to end, and you have no idea. Last Week: Henry made Betty sad. Conrad Hilton made Don sad. Lee Garner, Jr. made Sal sad. Don made Sal really sad. That episode was very sad. Luckily, during his evisceration of Don’s perfectly fine ad campaign, Conrad Hilton […]

Mad Men Foodcap: Episode 9, “Wee Small Hours”

It was fun watching people take out their frustrations on each other this week. Just kidding, it was harrowing and depressing. Last Week: Don and Betty were a hot, sexytime couple for basically the first time ever, jet-setting in a vision of Rome that was very like the backdrop of a James Bond flick. Pete […]

Mad Men Foodcap: Episode 8, “Souvenir”

I’d just like to linger on this image for a moment. Because that is the last time I’m going to say, “Oh, Pete,” in a gently mocking but still affectionate way. Pete’s dead to me now. Last Week: Betty bought a couch that looks like upholstered lady-parts and blocked her hearth with it. Don had […]