To Know A Star

On the list of things no one told me before I had children was how I would come to know them. Of course, from the time babies are born, we learn about their needs and preferences—bottle or breast? Snugli or sling? and, from these, we try to get a … [Read more]

Sunday Morning

Back when my smallest was a big toddler and we didn’t have to manage four calendars, he and I were the first people up on Sunday mornings. Depending on how alert he was feeling and how committed I was to being awake, it might be barely-light when he … [Read more]

Can I tell you about my son?

When my son was born, I looked down at him, tiny and warm and safe in my arms, and thought what a wonder he was. Somehow, another perfect little creature had come, seemingly out of nowhere, into our lives, nudging the little girl at the center of my … [Read more]